Uix / Kurucu


In addition to companies in Turkey, he has implemented the UI and UX designs of many Agencies and Startup companies, including San Francisco, Europe and Australia, with their expertise requiring work. For 19 years, he has carried out the designs of many brands that have signed important projects in a professional way. Recently, it has come to the fore with its experiences in the field of mobile UI / UX and has started to work in this field. Yılmaz Sattı, who also designs more than 350 Android and IOS applications that are used in many countries of the world, has been deemed worthy of many awards in Turkey and abroad for his work and achievements in his field.

He has a profile that is the 1st in Turkey on Freelancer.com. It is 721 th in the world ranking.

E-Vend / Co-Founder-Direction. Board Member


E-Vend is an initiative based on vending management and payment systems. E-Vend, which started as an idea in 2017, was accepted in the 3rd call of ITU Çekirdek 2017 and accelerated its progress in the entrepreneurship ecosystem. In the period when E-Vend IoT systems are in fashion, activating vending machines even more allows them to communicate with people. He designs internal systems for vending machines. These systems bring 2 different features to the mostly manual vending machines until today. With the web management panel, you can manage the vending machines through the vending management system,

Healthmonde / Co Founder


Healthmonde is developing a platform that will change the way people around the world access healthcare. We work to make it possible for everyone to get the treatment they need at a price they can afford.

SocialFamo.us / Co-Founder


Together with Yılmaz Sattı, Hüseyin Temel and Bahadır Egypt, he founded @Socialfamo.us, of which he is the founding partner. It was established as the first influencer marketing platform in Turkey and the partners have been together for 3 years in this project. At the end of 3 years, Yılmaz Sattı and Hüseyin Temel fought for a while for the time and financial investments they spent on the dishonest behavior of their other partners, Bahadır Egypt, and their denial of the partnership. Thinking that they would not get any results after this struggle, they left the socialfamo.us initiative by taking back their software technologies and left the initiative to today’s manual Excel system.

NONA Technologies / Co-Founder

NONA Technologies

NONA is a social platform where women can offer solutions to all their problems and find answers to their questions during pregnancy. Our mobile application allows you to follow your pregnancy process from the first month and you can communicate with doctors and dietitians. It is a mega application where you can get recommendations. Your baby can write calendars, photos and letters week by week. You can make friends with other expectant mothers.

NetflixCrunch / Founder


NetflixCrunch Netflix is a rating and review platform for TV shows and movies independently by viewers. There are evaluation questions outside of the usual statistics. Here you can create lists as a viewer and report your comments. You can create comments and discussions about the TV series or movies you watch with your own followers.

Turkcell Yemek Guru / Co-Founder


Yemek Guru is a smart recipe search platform that finds and tells people what dishes they can make from world cuisines with the ingredients they have at the moment. The most important feature of the Yemek Guru is that it can be customized by the user, that is, it can be personalized. Thus, if you are a vegetarian, the system does not show you meat dishes, but offers alternative, delicious, specially-tried chef recipes that are the most suitable and most matched to the ingredients you have. Because Yemek Guru has a special algorithm system that recognizes your behavior as it is used.

MyBoost Coin / Technology Products


Boostcoin (BOST) was created on 15/05/2014 with the PoW / PoS X13 algorithm. The actual value in BoostCoin is actually different; the first is the X13 PoW + PoS hybrid. The X13 algorithm is based on the X11 algorithm, but includes two more hash functions to make it even more secure. Boostcoin became one of the top 50 players on CoinMarketCap without any teamwork. Reviewed by an active and professional team, BoostCoin’s first goal is to enter the top 20 on CoinMarketCap.