Why aren’t logos as valuable as they used to be?

  • Tarih: 1 February 2022
  • Yazar : Yılmaz Sattı

Why aren’t logos as valuable as they used to be?


Logo can be used in any field, digital or printed, as a person, business, institution, etc. Symbols that represent things are called Logo designs ensure that brands are remembered and perceived by people. Therefore, when designing a logo, it should be designed in accordance with the identity, institutionalism and vision of the company. In this case, the customer who sees the logo anywhere remembers the brand that belongs to the logo.

A successfully designed logo will positively distinguish the brand from its competitors, while an unsuccessfully designed logo will add a negative image to the brand.

What Should Be Considered in Logo Design?
Logo design is a subject that requires care and attention. Because a brand, institution or person is represented in the logo design. The more quality and beautiful your logo is, the more memorable it will be. There are some elements to consider when designing a logo. We can list these elements as follows;

1-The boundaries of the brand should not be exceeded and should not be at a level that would harm the brand image.

2-It should be designed in an original way. Quotations or copies should not be included.

3-Misunderstanding cultural details should be avoided.

4-It should not tire the eyes, and too many symbols or texts should not be added.

5-It should be designed in a creative way.

6-No unnecessary details should be included.

7- It should be designed according to the target audience.

8-Small changes should be made in the logo in certain periods.

9- Support should be sought from experts who design logos.

Why Is the Logo Important?

Every detail, from small to large, is important for a brand’s identity. Details such as the brand’s name, slogan, social media shares and advertisement are of great importance for memorability and positive feedback. In this case, the logo comes into play.

The logo is an investment for the brand. The investments made in the vision and mission of the brand are important for the brand’s reputation. A well-designed logo brings profit to the brand. The brand also uses logos to express itself symbolically in market areas.

A successfully designed logo arouses consumers’ curiosity about the brand. In this way, it invites consumers to the brand. As a result of the researches, 93% of the purchases are provided by visual perceptions. For these reasons, visuality and memorability should be prioritized in a brand design.

Is it a logo? Icon?
Icon; They are symbols that are frequently encountered and used extensively in computers and the web world, which allow us to express anything visually. Although they are generally used for a very powerful interface inside computers, they are also used on websites and mobile applications to find what people are looking for and to present a perfect design example.

Icons are made up of small icons. Many businesses, institutions or individuals have icons designed specifically for themselves or their brand. Often times, brand logos can be confusing and visually tiring to people. But the situation is different with icons. Since the icons are small icons, they are designed simply and do not tire the eyes. For many reasons like this, brands have recently preferred icons instead of logos.

Icons That Replace Logos
Every business, commercial product or service seller, institutions, etc. It has its own unique logo. But since these logos represent the brand and are important for the continuity of the brand, they cannot be changed frequently. If a company sells products or services on the web, it prefers to use icons rather than logos.

Because there may be a platform where a company sells more than one product or service separately. These platforms use symbols and icons to write at length, not to create a bad image and not to take up space.

Many of these icons are link supported. And when clicked on, it takes people directly to the relevant page. It allows you to connect to the site or social media channel you want to visit with a single click. The colors, shapes, backgrounds and fonts of these icons and icons can be changed as desired at any time. Therefore, it adds visual richness to the page. For this reason, they are used with great preference.

At the same time, brands that sell products and services use these icons on their business cards to provide information on which platforms they are selling or which line of business they are addressing. For example, when a brand’s website is entered, we can understand whether that brand has a page on Instagram, facebook, linkedin and similar places, or whether it has a mobile application or not, thanks to these icons and icons.

In short, icons and symbols have become an integral part of the visual internet on websites and social media channels and have been used in almost all virtual worlds and mobile applications.