What Can Change in UI UX with Metaverse?

  • Tarih: 1 February 2022
  • Yazar : Yılmaz Sattı

Metaverse in its most understandable form is when everything in the real world appears in avatars in a virtual world. The main character Hiro Protagonist, who is both a hacker and a pizza delivery man, escapes to the metaverse and this is how things develop.

This concept has also been featured in a book, which talks about the year 2045, when people were immersed in virtual reality games while the real world was in crisis. Accordingly, it is told that the people in the book spend all their days wearing VR headsets and living in a barren land.

Another of the science fiction novels has been made into a series and it is explained that the technology has moved too far in this series. A developing game is described in the movie and it is mentioned that if the players die in the virtual reality world, they will also die in real life. For this reason, the state intervened immediately.

What Will the Metaverse Affect?

According to Yılmaz Sattı, our company founder, Metaverse can be defined as a virtual environment where we can be together with many people in digital spaces. He says that he is not limited to just looking at the screen, but that it is a virtual environment that we can enter.

Metaverse can be thought of as an endless and socially connected world where products such as virtual reality headsets, reality glasses, smart device applications can be used by people to coexist, play and work.

Metaverse will not only contain these definitions, but will also include other aspects of life in online areas such as shopping and social media channels. Communicating in this way will be much more real and faster than using the internet today.

Metaverse and Reality

Today, we make video calls and meetings through many applications. Especially remote online meetings can be held as if they were live with Metaverse. With VR technology, people will be able to see each other as if they were alive by wearing these glasses and sitting around a virtual table. In fact, people will feel as if they are sitting in the same room and natural communication will be possible.


Not only online meetings, but thanks to VR technology, you will be able to visit an art gallery, a bank, a shopping mall and meet the people you love in a virtual store to play online games.

What is UI and UX?

It is one of the most important elements for UI and UX design websites. First of all, let’s start our blog by examining what UI and ux are for.

UI design (user interface) is known as user interface design. Every area seen on online platforms is called interface. Many improvements and improvements are made in the design of interfaces. This has a positive impact on user experiences. Interface designers use icon locations, color patterns, and factors that can change, such as ratio and proportion. In this sense, UI design consists of graphic elements and is purely design.

UX, on the other hand, covers the impact on the design rather than the design. The designs made by Yılmaz Sattı turn into a working design through UX Design and begin to increase interaction. Yılmaz Sattı is also a UX design inventor.

Connection of UI and UX Design with Metaverse

Metaverse is a virtual world that is thought to be used in the field of virtual reality and will be used a lot. In order to appeal to the target audience, the interface design must fully appeal to the user in terms of visual and usage.

A design in which colorful icons are used, different colors are combined, and visual schemes and pictures add color can impress everyone. The more beautiful and attractive the interface, the more people will have the impression that they are living inside the website when viewed from the perspective of the Metaverse. The better the virtual reality that a website offers to people, the higher the visit and click rate of that website.

People want to use the applications they like in terms of visual and interface and play the games they like. Especially if the UI and UX conditions of the games released today are smooth, it will give people a better experience in terms of virtual reality. Everyone wants to feel like they are in the game they are playing. Because it adds realism to the game and allows people to enjoy the game. Especially in games with a lot of applications, this feature should be kept in the foreground. A game with well-designed visuals, graphics, colors and icons and offering real virtual reality can top the list in the world rankings and offer different experiences to the players.