UI and UX Importance for E-Commerce Sites

  • Tarih: 1 February 2022
  • Yazar : Yılmaz Sattı

UI and UX Importance for E-Commerce Sites

It is called e-commerce when transactions such as advertising, distribution and sales of products and services are carried out on websites with different payment options. Today, e-commerce system is highly preferred and used in many areas. Thanks to e-commerce, companies reach their customers in the right way with the right tools. E-commerce methods can be examined under 4 headings. These;

1-Sales on Social Media

2-Sales Through Marketplaces

3-Selling Through Your Own E-Commerce Site

4-Drop Shipping
What Should Be Considered When Getting Started With E-Commerce?
The person who will start e-commerce should first know its meaning, method, applications and capacity. The e-commerce capacity of your sector is also one of the important factors. There are e-commerce platforms and educational programs that can be supported in this regard. The points to consider when starting e-commerce are as follows:

1-Online Marketplaces: Before opening an e-commerce site, opening a store through local or global shopping sites will make your job easier. This gives experience to the person who will do e-commerce in order taking, shipping, returns and similar issues.

2-Company: The condition of establishing a company in order to conduct e-commerce is not sought in our country’s conditions. However, when a company is wanted to be established, the type of company does not matter. Setting up a sole proprietorship is the cheapest option.

3-Domain and Hosting: In this process, domain name and web hosting service should also be purchased.

4-Installation and Product Costs: A certain fee is required for each process from the installation of the e-commerce site to the software. Adequate budget must be allocated for this.

5-Identification of Products: Deciding on the products you will sell for good sales and marketing will allow you to progress quickly on this path.

6-Payment Methods: A secure payment system should be established for payment methods, which is one of the most important factors. Some payment systems require an agreement with banks.

7-Cargo Services: It is necessary to make an agreement with the cargo companies for the cargo operations of your products.

8-Software Support: Your website acts as the showcase of your store. That’s why software is so important. Necessary updates should be made when necessary.

9-Social Media Channels: Sharing interesting images and texts on social media accounts will positively affect your advertisement.

10-Digital Ads: Giving digital ads on the pages and sites visited by the target audiences will increase your sales and provide positive returns.

11-Mobile Application: Mobile applications that aim to reach products and services in every environment will increase your sales and gain reputation for your company.

UI and UX in E-Commerce Sites
UI and UX, which are among the most important elements in an e-commerce site, reveal the privilege of your site. Presenting and displaying your company and products on ready-made sites will not be as eye-catching and impressive as in a designed site. The content, icons and graphics of the ready-made sites are standard. It can be sold in the form of package programs according to its features while charging. However, among the packages you have purchased, there may be many parts that you will never use or that do not appeal to you. In this case, you will not be able to get an adequate and satisfactory service for the money you have given.

The sites designed with UI and UX are specially prepared in line with the wishes and desires of the people and offer professional solutions to the users. Yılmaz Sattı provides professional services to people by learning the wishes and usage purposes of the users for the websites he has designed. Age audience, user type, product perception, marketplaces and many other features are taken into consideration in UI and UX design sites, and this adds value to your brand by positively affecting your sales. This is not possible in packaged programs. Ready packages are designed mostly as standard and many features are useless for you. By not buying e-commerce site designs as ready-made packages, having them specially designed ensures that your site is identified with your brand and gives people 18% more confidence. To shop from an e-commerce site, we first examine the image of the site. The more attentive, quality and visually vibrant the site is, the higher the trust rate will be. The error-free operation of the website, its easy to use and interface, but attentiveness will increase your sales and visits twice compared to your competitors. In addition, websites designed as UI and UX offer more options and solutions for displaying, pricing and shipping your products and services.
In addition to designing a special website, Yılmaz Sattı can also professionally design mobile applications for your site, in line with your request, so that your products and services can be accessed from anywhere at any time increases the spindle.