Make your Company Website noticeable.

  • Tarih: 1 February 2022
  • Yazar : Yılmaz Sattı

Ways to Make Your Company Website Recognizable

Today, the sale of services and products over the internet has become popular. For this reason, the concept of e-commerce has emerged and people have come to prefer online shopping instead of going to places where they will shop. From eating to drinking to banking transactions, online shopping is preferred in many areas. This field is developing and growing rapidly, and it provides a better quality service to people every day.

Companies need a website because they can promote their products and services and maintain the company’s permanence. The website should be as high quality and beautiful as your products and services. Only in this way is it possible to get the desired output. So, what should be considered when designing a web?

What Should Be Considered While Designing a Website?

To create an aesthetic and functional website; Elements such as layout, colors, graphics, fonts and content play an important role. Besides these; navigation, compatibility, technology, multimedia and other elements that facilitate the use of the website such as interactivity. Attention should be paid to the details we mentioned for an aesthetic and easy-to-use website.

Among the elements to be considered for an impressive website design, there are many details from SEO to the target audience, from the images to be used to the font, from the font to the icons. Properly planning these details step by step will help you design a website that is both stylish and easy to use.

A Catchy Website and Potential Customer

The style of your website is the first impression and first image for visitors. Many elements such as colors, image quality, icons, typos, fonts are the first points that attract your visitors. When a person who wants to buy products and services visits the website, the first thing he pays attention to is visuality. Afterwards, it draws attention to how the use of the site is. Remember, everyone wants to visit a website that appeals to the eye and is easy to use.

The personality of your website needs to meet the expectations of your target audience. Web design expert Yılmaz Sattı, who has found the best solutions in this regard, argues that the priority of an effective website is visuality and ease of use. It is of great importance in terms of usefulness that the content on the site is classified and easily accessible. Potential or existing customers spend a long time on the site, and they can reach everything they are looking for instantly and easily, giving prestige for your website and company.

Page design emerges when all other steps of website design work in harmony with each other. And this is your company’s showcase. The main page that appears after the website is opened reveals the decision of the users to stay or leave the site. Therefore, the website should be designed very well and be user-oriented. In addition to the features of the website design, the performance ratio also has an important place. Remember, no one wants to spend time on a slow and slow site unless it is necessary.

Design Pearl 5 Elements

Although web design is a very wide-ranging event, it is a field where plugins, options, interfaces, icons and similar elements vary widely. Let’s examine the essentials for a website to be noticeable.

1-Making Designs for the Target Audience: Designing by considering the needs of the target audience will increase the number of your visitors, attract attention and gain a loyal customer base.

2-SEO Friendly Designs: Although it seems to create texts when looking at the basis of SEO, visuals and design setup also have an important place. The better your design, the easier it will be for you to rank higher on Google.

3-Responsive Site Design: It is used in the design processes of sites that can change shape in accordance with mobile devices other than computers. Today, many people use the internet via mobile devices. Therefore, responsive site design is very important.

4-Original and Original Image Selection: The biggest design errors occur due to the use of non-original content. In addition, although it is thought that a very colorful website will attract attention, it makes users very tired. For these reasons, the use of original content and harmonious tones is always increased.

5-Font and Icon Selection: Points to be considered about color are also valid for fonts. It is important for a successful design that the font to be used is not exaggerated and easy to read.

In addition to all these, the icon selections to be used on the website should be chosen in accordance with the company.  It also creates awareness for users and increases the number of visits.