Importance of UI UX in SAAS Projects

  • Tarih: 1 February 2022
  • Yazar : Yılmaz Sattı

Importance of UI UX in SAAS Projects


The type of software called SAAS, also called software as a service or software as a service, is briefly the name given to the software of the cloud provider. Users and companies use this cloud provider to save hardware cost and personnel cost.

Briefly, What Does SAAS Mean?

UI UX in SAAS Projects is a cloud-based software service called software as a service or software as a service. Basically, this service is designed to minimize the extra costs that computer hardware, server setup or complex protocols will add to your time. As the simplest example, we can show Drive or iCloud services, which we call cloud backup.

These services keep your data for you on their own servers. Thus, it helps you to buy an external hard drive at extra cost, carry it with you or store your data without doubting its security. It is kept in places that are very difficult to physically enter, with international encryption methods and in the server rooms of the companies providing this service.

Of course, UI UX (user interface and user experience) is a very important issue in SAAS Projects. Companies will prefer quality cloud service. There are monthly fees for this service. Some companies give users up to 50GB of free cloud storage. This is enough storage space for a normal internet user, but when it comes to a company, renting this service has been suggested as a very profitable alternative to other hardware and personnel costs.

What are SAAS Benefits?

SAAS projects are projects designed to provide various and great advantages to the user company. The main one is to get rid of the costs of the server hardware to be installed in the company and the personnel needed for the programming of these hardware. The physical installation of these equipment will cost space, while the installation and preparation of the equipment will bring time costs.

Another advantage can be mentioned in the context of using UI UX in SAAS Projects. The use of UI UX in SAAS Projects is an important situation for the company that will purchase the cloud service. The said SAAS Application should provide an advantage to the company receiving the service with its user-friendly interface supported and quality user experience. Otherwise, the service will not be at the desired level due to poor user experience. The simpler and easier the UI UX design is in SAAS Projects, the more positive the feedback will be.

In other parts of the advantages, automatic updating of the cloud system you use, safe storage of your data, personalization within the application as you wish, accessing your data instantly and as a data graphic can be listed as.

What Does UI UX Do in SAAS Projects?

In fact, UI and UX (user interface and user experience) are used seriously in some of the technological products we are currently using. UI UX in SAAS projects, on the other hand, is a cloud-based and costly business offered to companies, which should be considered. For continuity in these projects, easy user interface support and the quality of the user experience should be at good levels. From a design point of view, the needs of the customer who receives the cloud service must be fully and accurately met. When we look at the user interface, we can see that the communication sections of the program in the cloud service that they can apply online instantly or the video series that explain the details of the cloud service that the customer has received come to the fore. In addition to these, the SAAS Pages Project can be examined.

What is UI Topic Content in SAAS Projects?

In SAAS projects, the following can be mentioned if it is necessary to explain the UI UX issue a little more. What we call UI; UI is the abbreviation of the English word User Interface. In SAAS projects, the UI should be clean, aesthetically pleasing, simple and straightforward. Complex and incomprehensible interfaces cause users to waste time and confidence. The neater the user interface is, the better the user experience will be.

General Information on UX in SAAS Projects

If it is necessary to talk about UX in SAAS projects, the following can be mentioned. Again, the word we call UX is the abbreviation of User Experience in English. In fact, although the UI / UX design looks the same, they are not the same, they support each other. UX or user experience is more inclusive. The more successful the user interface is, the more efficient the user experience will be. The more efficient the user experience, the more the user interface can be improved and improved.