Importance of UI and UX in CRM Projects

  • Tarih: 1 February 2022
  • Yazar : Yılmaz Sattı

Importance of UI and UX in CRM Projects

The relationship established between an institution and a customer is called Customer Relationship Management. This process covers all stages before and after sales. Customer Relationship Management is known as “Customer Relationship Management” CRM.

What is the Purpose of CRM?

CRM is one of the important software for an institution. This program, in which all customer records are kept before and after sales, was previously made by software companies and offered as a separate program. But nowadays, web-based CRM programs have started to be used. You can start using the program easily by entering the system with the user name and password defined for you. We can list the purposes of CRM as follows;

One of the most basic goals is to improve the relations between you and customers, to deal with customer requests and complaints carefully, to maximize your success based on customer behavior.
Thanks to CRM systems, you can get to know the existing and potential customers of the companies and communicate with these people by collecting data. CRM systems, which play an important role in gaining customer loyalty, are also very effective in gaining new customers.
Companies that collect data through CRM programs save time and workload. Thanks to CRM, the information of people working in multiple departments is collected in one central place. Thus, a memory of the institution is formed and work efficiency is increased.

Yılmaz Sattı states that in the next few years, CRM will be at the top spot in Turkey. At the same time, he argues that the customers are the pillars of the companies and states that the interfaces are as important as the CRM programs used.

CRM Programs and Customer Loyalty

The products to be purchased from companies are different from each other in terms of their features and capabilities. When purchasing products from companies, buyers shop based on the reputation of the brand and the experiences it offers. If you have a problem with the product or service you have purchased, if you contact the company’s customer services, they will access all your information through the CRM program and offer you a solution. This makes customers feel valued. In this way, they create customer loyalty by providing customers with a positive customer experience. The CRM programs used are very important in terms of content and interface. A program with good content and interface offers unlimited customer experience.


What is Social Crm?

Integration of social media channels with CRM systems is called Social CRM. Social CRM takes interactions on social media and transfers them into CRM systems. Our business world generally consists of e-mail, telephone and many meetings. But real life is not like that. Customers mostly spend time on social media channels.


The most important factor in CRM is to understand customers and to provide after-sales service. There is a two-way interaction in social CRM. You can also contact your customer, and your customers can communicate with you. The thinnest point on social CRM is to be where your customer is.

An Effective UI and UX for an Effective CRM

For many web-based applications or websites, the value of UI and UX is of great importance. The more beautiful and understandable the interfaces of the program or application you will make, the better it will be for you to offer solutions to your customers and to benefit from the customer experience. Today, there are many social media shopping sites that people use. When we look at these sites in general, although their interfaces, usage, icons, graphics and visuals are similar to each other, they are all designed in different ways. Likewise, mobile applications of these sites have been made and it has become possible for many people to access them whenever they want. The more understandable and practical the interfaces and uses of mobile applications are, the more positive feedback they provide.


In CRM projects, first of all, attention should be paid to a useful and understandable interface. Icons must be attractive and suitable for use by everyone. Images and graphics are of great importance. These visuals and graphics should be selected in accordance with the project and designed in this way. Apart from these, all add-ons to be added should appeal to the project to be made and make the application unique for customers.

As a result, the place and importance of UI and UX values ​​in CRM projects are different. It should not be forgotten that the more advanced, useful and beautiful the UI and UX features of a project are, the more the use and continuity of that application will be.