Does UI UX Determine the Future of the Startup?

  • Tarih: 1 February 2022
  • Yazar : Yılmaz Sattı

Why is Web Design So Important in Startup Projects?

Startup is the name given to different projects and new initiatives with growth and development characteristics. Startup is a business model that first started in America and then took the whole world by storm. This business model includes services and products that have not been made or used by anyone before. In this line of business, ideas are endless and there is constant innovation. Although it is often confused with entrepreneurship, they are two concepts with different perspectives.

What Are the Fields of Startup Companies?

When it comes to startup companies, the first thing that comes to mind is companies operating in the field of technology and software. But Startup companies are not limited to these areas. There are also Startup companies that produce products and services for the needs of users in the fields of financial technologies, architecture, marketing and design.

Turkey’s Most Successful Startup Projects

Startup companies are at the forefront of companies that have achieved great success in Turkey and in the world. These companies have done things that have never been done before and continue to grow by adding new ideas to their work and services every day. We can list Turkey’s most successful Startup companies as follows;

1-Insider: It was created to help companies develop their marketing technologies.

2-Parachute: It was established to help with financial matters and to increase company controls.

3-Onedio: It is a project that offers previously unpublished content on content.

4-Iyzico: It was established to support companies with an easy integrated system and secure payment method.

5-Sinemania: It is an application that shows the cinema sessions and hours and offers advantageous prices.

6-Connected2me: It is an application that offers the opportunity to chat without knowing who the person in front of you is.

7-Bring: It is an application that enables the product you want to be brought to your door by creating an order via smart devices.

8-An Bilenesor: It is especially designed as a project where students can share and solve questions that they cannot solve or do not know.

9-Wardrobes: It is a project where second-hand, slightly used products are sold.

When we look at the projects above, we can say that the website and mobile application designs of each are beautiful. A good web design and mobile application bring more usage, more visits, more active users, more sales and services. So, what is the importance of web design in Startup projects?

Startup Projects and Design

In the Internet environment, consumers prefer to see a beautifully designed website, rather than a plain and simple website, even in their 15-minute browsing. Website design has become an essential part of online selling. There are 5 main reasons why design is important, especially in Startup projects.

1-First Impression

When customers visit your website, they get the first impression of your company from the website. In seconds, they will judge your company and your work. In these first few seconds, it is of great importance to be able to leave a positive impact on customers.

Websites that are designed in a tasteless and outdated way will have a negative impact on customers. Nobody wants to shop from an unattractive website. They don’t even want to browse, let alone shopping. A carelessly designed website causes the loss of potential customers and their search for competitors. For this reason, a good design helps keep potential customers on your website. This provides more customers and profits.

2- Search Engine Interaction

Design also affects the way you publish content on the website. This affects the crawling and indexing of your website through search engine spiders. This is a very important situation. In the absence of on-site SEO basic infrastructure, there will be no availability.

Rather than publishing the content on your website, certain design elements can directly affect SEO. In short, your site coding should be SEO friendly. The best way to provide website design service is to work with a web design expert who will respond to your requests. In this regard, Yılmaz Sattı provides professional service and responds to your wishes and desires.

3-The Website Is Also An Online Customer Representative

People can decide what kind of service they will receive by examining your website. Your design gives an idea of ​​how you look at your customer base. People who examine a website whose design is not given importance think that they will not be given importance. The website is like an online customer representative. A beautifully designed website with carefully selected icons, high-resolution graphics and images will make your audience feel better. No one makes a first impression of him.

e does not want to prefer a company or service that has a bad effect.

To sum up, a well-designed website provides continuity for both potential customers and current customers. This allows your company to develop and grow day by day.