Yılmaz SATTI

UI / UX Designer & App Designer

E-Vend  / Co-founder
SocialFamo.us // Co – Founder
Turkcell Yemek Guru // Co – Founder

Specialized in the field of UX / UI only for 16 years. (Freelancer.com) Istanbul, San Francisco, Europe, Australia, and has initiated the work of many Agencies and Startup. In 16 years, he designed the brands with important projects. Mobile UI UX experiences have recently come to the fore. He has designed more than 350 applications for Android and IOS in many countries of the world.


He is the founding partner and member of the board of e-vend.com.tr.
E-vend Otomat Yönetim Sistemleri A.Ş. Nowadays, where the internet of the developing objects in the world and our country is very popular, we serve to activate the automats even more. R & D team and software technologies with high-tech products in the domestic production. All of its products have been patented by the E-vend brand. Telemetry, Pay-vendor, F-vendor staff, products such as e-App vendor offers to Turkey and world markets.


In the previous period, the company has implemented successful venture projects.
LLK initiative supported by the Turkcell Turkey’s first and only hand that can be personalized according to the material described in the search system with artificial intelligence, social dining platform, a founding partner of Turkcell and Yemek Guru, Bebek Guru project. It has completed its project by transferring the service that has reached 2.5 million subscribers to Turkcell.

SocialFamo.us is co-founder.
Socialfamo.us was founded by Yılmaz Sattı, Hüseyin Temel and Bahadır Mısır.
As a result of three years of association. Yılmaz Sattı and Hüseyin Temel fought for a while against their other partners. thinking that they can not get results from socialfamo.us initiative, Software technologies have withdrawn. They abandoned the initiative to the manual system of today.

Yılmaz is married and has a 6-year-old daughter.
He has been sleeping 4 – max 5 hours a day since childhood.